1. The first single from my upcoming LP can be downloaded ere for just a quid: Nebraska [Single] by Jack Cookson

  2. Revolt & Resolve (Original)

  3. If you’re reading this, you must like my music, so cheers for that! For a while now I’ve been recording a collection of songs that have morphed into an album called ‘Revolt & Resolve’, since February 2013 to be exact. It’s been slow, due to changing locations and elusive musicians. There’s been a lot trial and error due to it being totally self produced and using a VERY D.i.y. set up…thank god for cheap capacitor mics and free digital audio workstations.

    Anyway technology aside, the album is probably going to be 9 tracks - 7 full recordings and 2 live tracks bonus. The draft song list is as follows (not final order):

    The Head, The Heart & The Flesh (reprise)
    Old Chapels O’ Stone
    The Defect in Retrospect
    What You Sow, You Reap
    Revolt & Resolve
    Live TBC
    Live TBC

    The first track, Nebraska is available for stream/download right now over at my bandcamp. If you’re familiar (yes another IF) with my other releases, you’ll be seeing familiar song names - these have been revamped into full band/reprised versions with the help of some amazing musical friends of mine. 5 of the 7 recordings are nearing the end of tracking, some only needing backing vocals and the odd percussive tweak.

    Originally I had planned to release the album in April, which turned to May, which is looking more like June now, so I’ve decided to leave it a bit more open, perhaps towards more the end of 2014, especially seeing as I need to create some buzz around it. Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to record a few session videos of the album tracks with the help of Ieuan Williams, a great Welsh singer-songwriter and fellow self producer.

    For the final ‘if’, if you avid readers want to keep in the loop with album details, please like my facebook page - all sessions, singles and whatever else will be posted over there. Thank you!

    Some stuff to keep you entertained for now:

    Old Chapels O’ Stone Harbourside Session

    The Head, The Heart & The Flesh Harbourside Session

    Miscellany Melancholic Music?

  4. My new sounds:


Jack Cookson

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